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Are You Low on This Crucial Part of Your Diet?

If you’re feeling sluggish often, there may be more behind it than just a poor night of sleep. While protein is an important part of our diets, many adults don’t get enough each day.

Protein is one of three macro-nutrients. The other two being fat and carbohydrates.  Lack of protein can be remedied by simply focusing on protein at each meal and greatly limiting your carbohydrate (think sugar, bread, and pasta) intake .

Are you low on [protein]? Here are a few common signs.

1. Your cholesterol is good but… Healthy protein intake may nudge the number they assign to your total cholesterol up a bit.  But as it turns out, total cholesterol is not near as important relative to heart disease as we once thought.  That is a whole other blog post for another day!

2. You’re always hungry. When you don’t get enough protein in your diet, you may feel hungry quicker than you would if you ate a protein rich meal. One reason for this is because protein and the fat that comes with it fill you up faster and keep you full longer.

3. You’re struggling to lose weight. Without adequate protein intake, you won’t feel as full and may end up eating more food sooner than you should.

4. You’re constipated. What most patients have reported after increasing their protein and greatly limiting their carbohydrates, especially refined carbs, is that normal trips to the bathroom soon follow.

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As your partner in health, we always want you to feel your best. Let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with naturally the next time we see you.

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