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Abbeville Family Healthcare

Patient’s Bill of Rights

You have the right to a well-trained chiropractor who is up to date with his training. Dr. Durham is the only chiropractor in Abbeville County who has received his Certification in Instrument Adjusting.This certification gives us so much confidence in our services that we offer an unconditional guarantee that you will be satisfied with the way you are treated here. Now we can’t guarantee results but if you are ever not treated like a VIP let us know and we will make it right or just refund your money for that visit.

You have the right to a chiropractor who fully understand the whole nervous system, even in cases of Peripheral Neuropathy. Dr. Durham is the only NeuropathyDR®doctor in the state of South Carolina trained specifically in the treatment of this debilitating disorder frequently associated with Diabetes.

You have the right to a chiropractor who is well established and experienced in treating patients like you and values your time. Dr. Durham has treated more than 4000 of your friends and neighbors here in Abbeville. And you are guaranteed not to have to wait more than five minutes past your appointment time or that visit is free. After all isn’t your time as valuable as your doctor’s?

You have the right to a chiropractor who is trained in treating all different types of patients. Dr. Durham has completed his training and passed the board certification to become a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician so whether you are a professional athlete of just a “weekend warrior” Dr. Durham knows your pain and how to treat it effectively. And for such a broad range of patients we accept most all insurance and offer a broad range of payment options that will fit most any budget.

You have the right to a chiropractor who can take care of you when you are injured. Injuries are a special kind of pain and need to be treated properly and right away. Dr. Durham is certified by the San Diego Spine Research Institute in the diagnosis and treatment of whiplash injuries. We have spots in our schedule every day for acute injuries so we can get you seen within 24 hours of your call and many times the very same day.

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