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Meet Our Abbeville Family Healthcare Team


Cawanea, Case Manager

Cawanea is our Case Manager and the first smiling face you will see when you walk in the door of our Abbeville office. She takes care of everything from making your appointments to filing your insurance for you if you need help with that. Cawanea is dedicated to making sure that your experience here is a great one!


Felicity, Massage Therapist

Felicity is our Licensed Massage Therapist.  She has  several specialties including Hot Stone massage, Lymphatic Drainage, and Oncology massage.  We get many rave reviews of her soothing massage work.  Massage is a great way to ease stress and tension and work out those tired and sore muscles.

Whether they are from heavy work or from carrying around a baby all day, Felicity can get those tight muscles to relax and give you some much needed relief.  Massage works great in conjunction with chiropractic care but you certainly don’t have to be a chiropractic patient to come in and enjoy a relaxing massage.  Our front desk does all her scheduling so give us a call when you get ready for your massage or when you need a special gift for someone else.

Call our Abbeville office today to schedule your appointment!

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