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Coronavirus Protection Report

“What do I need to do to protect me and my family from the Corona Virus?”

This report details what I am doing for me and my family in the coming days. I feel that the Coronavirus is coming and the best defense is a good offense (immune system). This report will give you many ways to be strong and fight off the virus when it gets here. — Dr. Matthew Durham

There are three main areas we are going to focus on:

Let’s start with our diet.

We are really going to be intentional about increasing our meat and egg intake. Meat and eggs are full of vital protein as well as vitamins and minerals like zinc that boost your immune system. What’s that you ask? You thought meat and eggs were bad for your cholesterol? Not true. All that research has proved to be bogus. It is well established now that meat and eggs are in fact very good for you.

Next, if you are an alcohol drinker you will want to limit your intake to no more than one drink per day. Alcohol doesn’t do your immune strength and favors.

Any type of smoke can weaken your mucosal linings and that is your first line of defense against viruses so if you smoke definitely take this opportunity to quit but also try not to be around smoke of any kind!

This next one requires a little more work but it is sooo worth it! And it is… start eating/drinking BONE BROTH! This was once a staple of our diet and probably very close to what your Grandmother thought of as “chicken soup”. It’s easy to make and here is a link to how to do it but there are many variations depending on your taste but this will get you started. Bone Broth Recipe

Next, under the diet category, we are replacing all seed oils with healthy fats. So no more Corn oil, Canola Oil, Peanut oil or the like. Instead we are going to be using Olive oil, Coconut oil, Beef Tallow, and Lard. “Isn’t all that saturated fat going to clog up my arteries?” in a word, NO! Again, faulty research which has now been clearly disproven and these healthy fats will actually help you whereas the seed oils are very inflammatory to your body.

Have you heard of Himalayan Pink Salt? It is a type of salt that comes from Pakistan and still has all of the minerals in it. You can get it at most any grocery store but if you want to get a deal on it check the food section and TJ Maxx. Replace your super processed white salt with this salt and you get all those minerals while you are getting your salt.

And finally, if you have access to well water, by all means drink that instead of “city water” no matter which city you live in. The Calcium Carbonate in the well water can be a real plus.

Well, that raps up our dietary changes we are working on to boost our immune system so we can fight off the Corona Virus when it gets here. Now lets look at lifestyle…

First and foremost: Wash your hands and don’t touch your face! These two things alone can GREATLY decrease your chances of ever getting the virus even if you are around it unknowingly. And a regular bar of soap is probably better than hand sanitizer for biochemical reasons that I don’t have room to expound upon here.

Next, we are going to walk for 20 minutes every morning. A short walk helps to alleviate stress (which we’ll get to in a minute) and sun exposure helps to regulate your Circadian rhythms which helps you sleep better. Exposure to the sun also helps your body produce Vitamin D, something we are all short of. And walking is a great way of improve your Lymphatic drainage which is a great help to your immune system.

And we really need to get a handle on those negative stresses in our life. Do you really hate your job? Start looking for something else. Do you have toxic people in your life? Try not to be around them if you don’t have to. Prayer, Meditation, Deep Breathing, Massage, Hot Baths, and Walking in Nature are great ways to destress in the mean time as well.

And lastly in the lifestyles category is to get good sleep. “Easy for you to say!” I hear you. Poor sleep plagues many folks. And I can tell you poor sleep makes everything worse and good sleep makes everything better! I have several recommendations that will usually help people sleep . Number one is to take that walk we mentioned earlier. Just a little exercise will help sometimes. Next make sure you are turning off all screens of any kind one hour or more before you try to go to sleep. That type of light makes it hard to fall asleep. Take an Epsom Salt bath before bed. The heat of the warm bath relaxes you and the Magnesium you will absorb through your skin also acts as a relaxant. Not a bath person? Try supplementing with Magnesium before bed. Still not sleeping? We have a Valerian Root based supplement that many use for a de-stressor and/or a sleep aid. And lastly, if none of that works we have a powerful herb called Kava that really gets you to sleep and keeps you asleep. Good sleep is so restorative and such a vital part of our overall health its worth working on until you get it right.

OK, lastly is Supplements. “What supplements are you and your family going to take if the Corona Virus comes to our area?” is the question I hear. So here is what we are going to do.

  1. A multi vitamin/multi mineral – And I mean a real one. Not that two gallon tub you got a Costco for $9.99. This is no ti me to go cheap. We are trying to protect our family.
  2. Vitamin D3 – I mentioned Vitamin D earlier when we were talking about getting sun exposure, but you will not be able to get enough most likely. Vitamin D3 has been shown to enhance your immune response to viruses. We will be supplementing 4000 IU per day initially. Aft er the threat passes we will probably drop back to 2000.
  3. Cal-Mag – This is our Magnesium supplement that we mentioned when we were talking about getting good sleep. Magnesium is one of those “small hinges swing big doors” kind of supplement. Many processes in your body need Magnesium to work right and most people are deficient
  4. Cataplex A-C-P This is a potent combination supplement that promotes a strong mucous membrane… our first line of defense against a virus like the Coronavirus.

Corona Virus Defense Kit

We have put together a supplement bundle that will save you some money. And legally I have to say that I am not guaranteeing that if you take these supplements you will not get the virus. I am simply sharing with you what me and my family are doing to keep ourselves as strong and able to respond the best we can when it gets here, whenever that might be.

This is for a two month supply for one person

High Quality Multi vitamin/multi mineral: $20
Vitamin D 3 (X2): $22
Cal-Mag: $25
Cataplex A-C-P: $24
Total (if sold separately) $91

2 Month Kit Price: ONLY $79!!

That’s $1.32 a day for Pharmaceutical grade supplements to protect you and your family from the Coronavirus!

Corona Virus Battle Plan

OK, so I did everything I could to avoid the corona virus but I got it anyway! What would you do different if you actually got the corona virus? I would continue to do all the things mentioned already and add the following supplements:

This is for one person

PulmaCo: $31
Echinacea Premium: $34
Congaplex: $12
Total (if sold separately) $77

Battle Plan Price : ONLY $69!

That’s for Pharmaceutical grade supplements to help you and/or your family survive the Coronavirus! (and again, this is not a guarantee of any kind… just what me and my family would do)

Final Thoughts…

I hope you have gained some valuable information from this report. I put a great deal of time and research into it with the hopes that it might help my family and yours avoid succumbing to this coming virus.

Please consider adopting some or all of these diet, lifestyle, and or supplement suggestions. I feel that by doing these things we will be putting ourselves in the best possible situation to fight off the Corona Virus or whatever else comes along.

There are many folks who are over-hyping this virus and many who are not taking it seriously at all. My take as of today, Monday March 9, 2020 is that it is not going to be as bad as it is being portrayed in the Media. At this point the regular old Flu seems to be a much bigger threat for most people.

Either way, taking the measures outlined in this report will help bolster your immune system for whatever comes along, be it the Flu or Covid-19.

Our office Mission Statement talks about helping our community achieve the best quality of life possible. Having a strong Immune System is certainly one way to do just that!

In Health,
Dr. J. Matthew Durham

P.S. – We will be glad to mail you any supplements you need for an additional shipping fee.