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Knee surgery fails again!

In the fourth study of its kind, research out of Finland reports that Arthroscopic Knee Surgery for wear and tear meniscus tears is no better than placebo. And in case you were wondering, yes for placebo surgery they actually bring you into the OR, make some incisions, poke around without actually doing anything and then sew you up!  But yet again, one year from the surgery date all patients are virtually the same; the group that had the real surgery and the group that had the “sham surgery” as they call it.

You may not know that there is very similar research to this for back surgery. A group of surgical candidates is either put into a surgery group or a non-surgery group. Guess what? One year later all report about the same level of pain!

So if you are considering knee surgery OR back surgery come in and lets talk about conservative options that might work just as well as going under the knife!


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