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Many people suffer from Seasonal Allergies. An “Allergy” is basically when your body over reacts to something in your environment.  And there are food allergies but for this post we are only looking at what is called “hay fever” or “Season Allergies”.  For some it’s just a sneeze here and there but for others it’s a life changer. Some people (maybe you) decide whether or not to go to outings depending on the pollen count and what time of year it is.  For some, Kleenex is just a way of life.  So if you are one of the unfortunate ones that suffers from Seasonal Allergies, what are your options for dealing with them?  Well, you can just be miserable most of the time but that’s not a very attractive option.  You can use a bunch of over the counter drugs that have all the “potential side effects”.  Or you could go the more natural route.


Many of you know that I am a beekeeper. One natural thing you can do is to take some local honey every day. Now it is vital that you get real honey from a local beekeeper. The stuff in the grocery store is so over processed that it wont do you any good at all.  Local Raw Honey contains pollen in very small amounts and over time it desensitizes your system to the pollen and you don’t over react to it as much.  And all you need as a teaspoon or so each day.  A sweet remedy to say the least.

There are also many natural herbal remedies that are reported to help with seasonal allergies but without all the side effects. I’ll show you some of those also when you click the link below.  And as with anything one of the best defenses is a good offense! Maintaining the best overall health you can and keeping inflammation at bay helps everything, allergies included.

I have come across many tips and tricks to dealing with Seasonal Allergies over the past 30 years and thought you might like to try some of them so I put them in a report and you can download it for free!  Just CLICK HERE or the big button below and you will go to another page which will show you where to get it.